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Festival Screening - small


Blows with The Wind

Country: Iran

Director: Hazhir As’adi

Synopsis: After occurring some events for the scarecrow, scarecrow becomes human.


Gustaakh (The Arrogant)

Country: India

Director: Vijesh Rajan

Synopsis: In a future cyberpunk city, a concerned citizen rises up to the occasion when an publicity hungry dictator fails to protect his people.


Reach  **NJ Premiere**

Country: USA

Synopsis: A socially awkward music geek, Steven Turano, divulges to a pro-suicide support group that he’s planning on killing himself. He’s constantly picked on by former childhood friend and school bully, Nick Perkins, and his widowed father. However, when Clarence, the new quirky kid in school, befriends him, Steven’s plans are side-tracked and he REACHES beyond his comfort zone forming stronger relationships with his father, friends and teachers. The boys form an inseparable bond as Clarence finds creative ways to pull Steven out of his depression and his life is changed forever.

Maria Capp (writer/producer): Full bio is attached in production notes. Maria is an award winning writer, director and producer. She has been the driving force behind REACH from the script, to development, production on set UPM, to finding sales /acquisitions partners through and including it's grass root marketing movement. Her mission is to bring this important story and message to young and old; the power of kindness and how one small gesture can change one's life forever.


Charles Box, Jr. (Producer): began producing and directing short films and music videos while in film school. His experience as a participant in the Cannes Film Festival paved the way for his contribution as a Program Coordinator with The Creative Mind Group in Cannes, Toronto, Berlin and Sundance.


Autumn Bailey (Producer): is the founder of Autumn Bailey Entertainment and partner in whose mission is to produce high quality feature films and television shows. She has worked on over three dozen independent film projects as a producer and has assisted numerous filmmakers secure film distribution for their projects. 


Jeffery Alan Jones (Producer/Sound Design/Music): is a prominent composer, songwriter, sound designer. He has written music for solo instruments, small groups, large groups, jazz ensembles, big bands, popular bands, chamber ensembles, and symphonic orchestras.


Rio Mangini (Composer): The film includes an Original Score by Rio Mangini- at the time of film's score, Rio Mangini was only 14. He is a classically trained concert pianist, actor, and film composer. He began his classical piano studies at 5 years old making his Carnegie Hall debut at 9. He is the son of academy award winner Mark Margini, Sound Designer and Musician who also contributed to the original score.

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